Nonprofits that Accept Handmade Drawstring Bags

We’ll start with the military but they aren’t the only one looking for your handmade drawstring bags. Children, patients and elders can also use bags for their personal items.

Troops Looking for Handmade Drawstring Bags

Often called ditty bags, our soldiers usually don’t have much space to keep their small personal items. Medium size drawstring bags are the solution for keeping all their little ditties in one place.

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Operation Gratitude provides care packages filled with items donated by people who want to express their support for heroes serving overseas and here at home.

Christmas at Sea Logo

Volunteers of the Seamen’s Church Institute make and distribute gifts to mariners who are miles away from home during the holidays.

What you can make to donate:

Operation Shoe Box embraces a practical mission of providing hands-on support for our troops deployed overseas and returning home. 

What you can make to donate:

Hugs for Soldiers brightens a soldier’s day with a care package, card or letter of encouragement so they receive the love and support for their sacrifices.

What you can make to donate:

Don’t Forget the Kids

Warriors come in all sizes and fight different types of battles. Whether battling a serious illness or fighting against food insecurity, a handmade drawstring bag is a welcome gift for these heroes.

Smiles with Style provides dress up and makeovers for hospitalized children. This improves their self-esteem and gives them a fun diversion from their illness and treatments.

Serving with Smiles is a non-profit, kid-powered humanitarian group reaching kids in need around the world by assembling and distributing humanitarian kits.

What you can make to donate:

Bags for Kids gives children in California’s Foster Care System a traveling bag with items to make their transition less traumatic.

What you can make and donate:

Feeding America will be able to find a feeding program in your local community. Most food pantries will accept handmade items to give with the food. Call one in your area to find out their current needs.

What you can make to donate:

Samaritan’s Purse is a faith based organization that has helped meet needs of people who are victims of war, poverty, natural disasters, disease, and famine. Their shoe box project can include many handmade items.

What you can make and donate:

The Giving Heart gives Seniors a loving and thoughtful gift of essential toiletries, warm weather items and a few personalized touches to independent-living seniors within the Greater Richmond Metropolitan Area.

What you can make and donate:

DIY to Donate

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