Make Superhero Capes to Donate to Capes for Kids

Capes for Kids from Enchanted Makeovers provides capes for children living in shelters. They feel capes are a symbol that remind children to call on their own strength. 

When you make superhero capes to donate you are giving children an opportunity to explore creative play. Dress-up play isn’t just fun, it’s a learning activity where children can use their imaginations and build vocabulary skills. Dressing up as a superhero will help children in transition gain confidence during an emotionally difficult time.

Capes are often considered one size fits all which makes it easy to give any child a cape but you might also want to consider making toddler and even teen size capes.

Superhero kids with superpowers

Make No-Sew Superhero Capes from a Tee Shirt

Make Superhero Capes to Donate

It doesn’t get any easier than this. We’ve provided simple instructions for cutting a tee shirt into a cape. Plus, there are SVG and PDF cutting files for the logos shown here.

Feel free to upcycle your old tee shirts but make sure any donated capes look fresh and new.

Get full instructions here.

Make Superhero Masks

FreeKidsCrafts also has super cool mask patterns in both PDF and SVG for cutting. Cut them from felt or foam, glue and add strings or elastic.

Get the full instructions here.

What? A Unicorn Superhero?

That’s right! For little girls — and some big girls — it doesn’t get any better than this.

Empower a girl with magical powers. Gift the give of a unicorn superhero cape to a girl in foster care or a girl battling a serious illness. Because anything is possible when you are a unicorn superhero.

See our easy, no-sew, step-by-step instructions or download our PDF printable to share with friends and family.

You Like to Sew?

Easy Superhero Cape

This is one of the best (but easy) capes you can sew. No confusing tape-together patters or hard-to-follow instructions. From How Does She.

Make a Fabric No-Sew Superhero Cape

This no-sew cape from FreeKidsCrafts can be made of any fabric that doesn’t fray. Knit, Lightweight fleece or felt are all good choices. You can make two capes out of one yard of fabric so check you fabric stash before going shopping.

Instead of an initial on the back use one of our SVG or PDF cutting files and and add a superhero logo.

Where Can You Donate Superhero Capes?

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Enchanted Makeovers provides projects, programs for women and children in shelters to introduce them to a way of thinking that helps to shift their outlook about their lives and possibilities for the future.

What you can make and donate:

Smiles with Style provides dress up and makeovers for hospitalized children. This improves their self-esteem and gives them a fun diversion from their illness and treatments.

DIY to Donate
Girl Scout Capes for Kids Patch
Make it a Girl Scout Event

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