DIY Unicorn Dress Up and Where to Donate

They’re magical, they’re sparkly, they’re every little girls favorite creature. Here are our favorite ideas for unicorn dress up.

Make and donate unicorn headbands

Unicorn Dress Up Headbands

You’ve seen this craft all over the internet but we’ve provided the easiest step-by-step instructions for you to follow. You can also download our PDF pattern for the ears and horn or an SVG cutting file. So get your glitter on and start making these headbands for girls in need of a little magic in their lives.

Make Unicorn Dress Up Tutus

Make Unicorn Color Tutus brings us this no-sew tutu with the added magic of unicorn colors. Complete instructions are here.

Make No-Sew Unicorn Capes

No-Sew Unicorn Capes

What’s better than an ordinary unicorn? A superhero unicorn with a cape! You’ll be taking the magic up to a whole new level when you make these capes for girls who are struggling. See our step-by-step tutorial or download our PDF.

Make a Unicorn Drawstring Pouch

Sparkle Unicorn Pouch

And where will the unicorn keep her lip gloss and glitter lotion? In her special unicorn pouch! Super easy to make, we have drawstring pouch instructions with measurements for four different sizes.

Make it from sparkly fabric and use a pearl drawstring she’ll be envy of unicorns everywhere.

DIY Unicorn Pens

Magical Unicorn Pens

Another great project from! These pen are a perfect accessory for every girl who loves unicorns.

Where Can You Donate Unicorn Dress Up Pieces?

Smiles with Style provides dress up and makeovers for hospitalized children. This improves their self-esteem and gives them a fun diversion from their illness and treatments.

The Halloween Helpers provides children with costumes who would otherwise be unable to participate in the fun experience of Halloween.

What you can make to donate:

DIY to Donate

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