30 Things You Can Make for Veterans (with Free Patterns)

Make Every Day Veteran’s Day

Veterans need our support year round. While it’s great to make things for them on Veteran’s Day, don’t forget the rest of the year. Show you care, make something special today.

6 Things Little Kids Can Make for Veterans

Start teaching your children early how important it is to recognize and give back to the heroes who served our country. Even the littlest givers can color a picture for a veteran.

More free downloads include cards, paper crafts and stationery to write letters.

Coloring Pages for Veterans

Make Paper Poppies for a Poppy Project

You can find many groups collecting poppies for display. There are ongoing projects in the United States, Canada and Australia including the Poppy Wall of Valor.

You can also initiate your own project at your school, church or with your neighbors.

Get the free printable at FreeKidsCrafts.com.

Poppy kids craft for Veterans

Make Poppy Door Hangers from Recycled Water Bottles

Start saving your empty plastic bottles! You’ll find most of them have bottoms that you can transform into these gifts for veterans.

Free printables available from FreeKidsCrafts.com.

Poppy Door Hangers for Veterans

Make Diamond Painting Flag Pins

Diamond painting is addicting! What to do with all those things you make is the problem. Make flag pins your next project and donate them to Vets.

MakingFriens.com has a flag pin kit.

diamond painting flag pins

Make Patriotic Key Ring Decorations in 4 Different Styles

This is a good project for elementary aged children to make for veterans. Download our PDF and bring copies to your troop meeting, classroom or church group.

You’ll be surprised how quick the kids pick up the weaving technique.

DIY Patriotic Keyring Decoration

6 Patterns for Knit or Crocheted Poppies

Here is another Poppy Project you can participate in. Donated stitched poppies are displayed inside and outside of the Niagara Falls museum in honor of fallen soldiers.

Choose from six patterns:

Poppy craft for Veterans

Make Paracord Bracelets

Vietnam Vets will remember making and using these paracord bracelets. Meant to be used as a survival tool, they can be deployed in 30 seconds to use in an emergency situation. In the field the 7½ feet of cord can even save someone’s life when used as a tourniquet or to build a shelter.

Download our free printable PDF.

Paracord Bracelet for Troops

8 Patterns to Make Hats for Veterans

Knots of Love collects knitted and crocheted beanies for Veterans undergoing chemo around the country.

There is something special about receiving a handmade hat. Just knowing that someone spent the time to handcraft a hat and give it as a gift brings warmth and comfort to the recipient.

make hats for veterans

Make Patriotic Scarfs

A patriotic scarf is a perfect project for beginners to crochet. The color changes keep it interesting and the simple design won’t be too frustrating for new stitchers. 

Download our free PDF instructions.

Crochet a Patriotic scarf

4 Ways to Make Fleece Tie Blankets

A cozy lap blanket is just right for our older veterans. Larger twin sized blankets are wanted by those still serving. Choose patriotic prints and colors to make it extra special.

Get PDF instructions for four ways to tie a blanket plus our sizing guide.

Patriotic Fleece Tie Blanket

Find a Local Veteran’s Hospital

Contact your local VA to find out if they have specific needs you can help with. Consider becoming a pen pal or a text pal with a Vet. They often feel lonely and isolated while being treated.

DIY to Donate

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