Make No-Sew Capes for Dogs in Shelters

When you make and donate no-sew capes for dogs, you’re giving the dogs in those shelters an extra chance of being adopted. Senior dogs, shy dogs, and disabled dogs especially could benefit from the attention a superhero cape will bring to them.

Dogs associated with breeds that have a bad reputation may make it difficult for loving, well-trained dogs to find a forever home. Pit bulls, dobermans, and shepherds often fall into this category.

Where you live can also impact the adoptability of a dog. Larger dogs are often preferred by people who live in more rural areas. A larger dog stuck in an urban shelter may never get adopted while smaller dogs can be passed over in the rural areas.

Dogs breeds that are hard to adopt

What Size Capes Should You Make?

When you find a shelter who will welcome your capes, ask them about the harder to adopt dogs and their sizes.

The small capes can be made from standard size felt squares cut like this.

Dimensions for superhero capes for dogs.

No-sew superhero capes for dogs.

The medium and large dog capes can be cut from felt you purchase by the yard. You can make seven large capes and nine medium capes from one yard of 72″ felt if you cut the felt as shown in these diagrams.

Supplies for No-Sew Capes for Dogs

Besides felt you’ll also need a good pair of fabric shears and fabric glue.

Capes can be sewn if you prefer.

You can also cut individual capes as shown.

Dimensions for superhero capes for dogs.

Run a light bead of fabric glue along the narrow end.

Fold down 1” to 2” to create a pocket to slide the dog’s collar through.

gluing you no-sew superhero cape

Cut out a superhero design and glue to the other side.

Patterns and SVG files are available below.

no-sew supehero capes for dogs

To cut by hand: Print the PDF file in the size you want. Place the printable on the felt square. Staple around the outside of the design. Cut through both the paper and the felt.

To cut by machine: Download our SVG file. Size to one cape and cut according to machine instructions.

SVG file for superhero Capes

Download our pdf instructions to share with others or take to your meetings

No-Sew Capes for Dogs PDF Instructions

Where Can You Donate Your No-Sew Superhero Capes?

  • The Anti-Cruelty Society is an animal welfare organization that accepts dog and cat toys, dog and cat beds and dog bandannas. Check to see if they are currently accepting homemade superhero capes for dogs.
  • Find one or more local shelters at The Shelter Project. Inquire about events or social media where they can use use the capes to attract attention and make the pets stand out.
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