Sew Easy Teddy Bears to Make and Donate

These easy teddy bears could become important friends to a child that needs comforting. There’s a science behind it also. According to psychologists, cuddling teddy bears gives a sense of peace, security and comfort.

It’s not just kids. Adults often still have their childhood teddy bears and these plush favorites are often used to comfort seniors with Alzheimer.

Make and donate Teddy Bears


We’ve used felt for this teddy bear because it is soft and doesn’t fray. Fleece is also a good choice.

  • 2 Pieces of 9” x 12” Felt
  • Scrap of Black and Red Felt
  • Fabric Scissors, Fabric Glue
  • Polyester Fill

  • 2 Printed Sheets From Next Page
  • Needle and Thread
  • Or Sewing Machine
  • Pencil, Stapler


Easy Teddy Bear Step 1

Line up two pieces of felt. Staple printed pattern on top all around near the outline.

Easy Teddy Bear Step 2

Use the pattern for the heart and nose to cut from the felt scraps. Stitch or glue in place.

Embroider or use a fabric marker to make the face and heart details.

Hand sew or machine sew all around the bear close to the edge leaving about 1.5″ open to stuff.

Place small balls of the filling into each ear, leg and arm using the pencil to push and shape. Fill the body pushing and shaping.

Easy Teddy Bear Step 5

Stitch opening closed.

Files to Help Make Easy Teddy Bears

Easy Teddy Bear SVG File

Where Can You Donate Your Easy Teddy Bears

Project Smile has collected over 44,000 stuffed animals and donated to 200 police and fire departments across the country. They give the stuffed animals to children as a comfort during a crisis.

What you can make to donate:

  • Stuffed Animals
  • Dolls
  • Small Toys

DIY to Donate
Host a Teddy Bear Making Event and Give Participants a Patch

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  1. Even at 18, I still feel the need to cuddle a teddy bear whenever I feel lonely or depressed. Now just imagine the kind of comfort these teddy bears would give to a child.


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