Where to Donate Handmade Little Dresses

Why Make and Donate Little Dresses?

Some girls in poor countries never own a dress. They wear old discarded clothing and don’t expect to get anything new and nice. Receiving pretty little dresses can help girls feel better about themselves.

A girl wearing better clothing is less likely to be abducted or abused since she looks well cared for. The same is true for boys also. Get more information about Little Britches for boys here.

Little Dresses for Haiti
Photo Courtesy of LoveaChild.com

Who Distributes the Dresses and Shorts?

Most of the clothing is distributed by missionary organizations that travel to very poor countries to provide a better quality of life for poor villages. They often build water wells, provide medical care and teach life skills.

Do a search for SEWING MINISTRY IN MY AREA. There is probably a local church who will accept your little dresses to send with their own. Always check before your start sewing. Some organizations will accept only certain styles of dresses. All sizes are accepted but there may be a greater need for certain sizes.

Send to These Organizations:

Little Dresses for Africa

Little Dresses for Africa distributes homemade dresses throughout parts of Africa as well as other countries in crisis, to plant in the hearts of little girls that they are worthy.

What you can make to donate:

Hope for Appalachia

Hope for Appalachia is partnering with Little Dresses for Africa to help send dresses to the girls in Kentucky.

What you can make to donate:

Real Hope for Haiti

Real Hope For Haiti is a faith based organization that provides medical, educational and quality of life help to Haitians.

What you can make to donate:

Love a Child

Love a Child improves the life of the poor with churches, schools, child sponsorship, healthcare, nutrition, jobs and more.

What you can make to donate:

DIY to Donate

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