8 DIY Tote Bags To Make And Donate

DIY tote bags are a practical way to carry belongings no matter where you go. This list of patterns will help with just that! Check out some of these beginner-to-intermediate sewing and crochet patterns to make and donate to those in need.

1: Cat Face DIY Tote Bag

This cat tote bag is a great accessory for kids (and kids at heart). The PDF pattern comes from DIY to Donate, and it comes with a Cricut cut file for the cat’s smile and ears.

2: No-Sew Bandana Purse

This bandana tote bag from Free Kids Crafts is a great way to donate to those in need without any sewing experience. Try it out and let the fun begin!

Free Kids Crafts No Sew Bandana Tote Bag

3: Recycled Tank Top Beach Bag

Make a cool, oversized beach bag tote from a recycled tank top. This craft comes from Free Kids Crafts, and it’s a great way to have fun with appliques and fabric glue.

Free Kids Crafts Recycled Tank Top Beach Bag

4: Recycled Overalls DIY Tote Bags

Free Kids Crafts also shows how you can also make a recycled tote bag from a pair of overalls. The pocket is a great feature for small items, and it makes older clothes useful again!

Free Kids Crafts Recycled Overalls Bag

5: Reusable Grocery Bags

This free grocery bag pattern is from The Make Your Own Zone. It has a free printable version of the pattern for an easy sewn grocery tote in several sizes!

Reusable Grocery Bags

6: Crocheted Criss-Cross Tote

This criss-cross tote by Loops And Love Crochet is a cute and fun pattern to work with. The colorful stripes add a great touch of personality. Be sure to check out this free pattern online.

Crocheted Criss-Cross Tote

7: Crochet Scraps Bag

This free scraps bag pattern from Winding Road Crochet is a practical way to use up yarn scraps! Visit this website for the free online pattern that even includes a tassel handle.

Crochet Scraps Bag

8: Little Miss Two Tote Bag

Make a small tote bag with a flower using this pattern. Sharon Maher shared it on Ravelry’s website, and it’s sure to be a hit for young girls.

Little Miss Two Tote Bag

Put your crafting skills to good use with these bags! You can make and donate them to various charities and shelters in need. Call or visit locations to ensure you get these creations to people who need them most.

DIY to Donate

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